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Chef Leonardo Giarraputo

Sicilian Native

Chef Leonardo’s culinary expertise stretches back to his youth in Santa Margherita di Belice, Sicily, where he first learned to cook with his family at age 7. He honed his culinary expertise as a star chef at Disney’s Animal Kingdom resort and in the finest dining establishments in Orlando, Florida in 1998-2015. In 2016, Leonardo moved to Mandeville and opened Leonardo's Trattoria and Pizzeria in 2017. All of Leonardo's menu items are homemade family recipes Leonardo grew up making!


  • In 2019, participated as one of the Chefs to prepare food for the Grammy's.

  • In 2018, Leonardo participated in World Food Championships in Orange Beach, Alabama.

  • Voted Northshore's Best New Restaurant in 2017.

  • Voted Northshore's Best Bang for Buck in 2018.

  • Voted Northshore's Best Italian Restaurant in 2018 and 2020.

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About the Chef: About the Chef
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